The Glory of the Kings

Dan Close

The year is 1896. The European colonizing effort known as "The Scramble for Africa" is at its peak. Against the threat of invasion, Ethiopean Emperor Menelik II, King of Kings, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, issues a proclamation of war and rallies his people to the defense of The Motherland. Two brothers, Bedane and Chala Negassa, answer the call. One leads a squadron of fierce cavalry into battle; the other is assigned to guide a priest, the Bishop of Ba’le Province, northward toward the battle to pray for their people’s success. The story takes readers along with the brothers during a time when Menelik opposed an invasion by Italian troops, an era that culminated in the historic Battle of Adua, in which the Ethiopeans defeated the invaders.

ISBN: 978-0970662095