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Manuscript Assessment

Read-through for fiction or non-fiction. 45-minute in-person or Zoom discussion, 3-5 page written report on structure, manuscript goals, narrative arc, language, etc.

Developmental Editing

Manuscript assessment, plus consultation on remedies for issues found.

Line Editing

Page-by-page editing for language, style, and consistency.


Checking the final manuscript for grammatical, typographical and formatting errors.


Publishing Consultation

Half-hour free discussion to determine goals and status of manuscript. If engaged, we shepherd your manuscript through editorial, design, and print-and-bind, offering options for press or digital publishing.

Subsidy Publishing

Using our ISBN and services, we turn your manuscript into a finished book. Fees negotiated based on length of manuscript and services chosen. Includes editorial, design, and print-and-bind. We use IngramSpark to create your book the way you want it.

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About Pat Goudey O'Brien

Pat Goudey O'Brien cut her teeth in publishing at Prentice-Hall, Inc., in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, decades ago. She has since worked as a reporter and community newspaper editor and ad salesperson in Massachusetts and Vermont; she has written business, craft, travel, and general interest magazine articles for state and national publications; and she has been a writer, editor, and publishing consultant in Vermont for 25 years. Ms. Goudey O’Brien has written nine books under her own name for publishers including Random House, MacMillan [series moved to John Wiley & Sons], and Countryman Press at W. W. Norton & Company. She gained proficiency in graphics and pagination with QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and InDesign. As a consultant, she has assisted clients with the creation of numerous original books of both fiction and non-fiction, helping to shepherd the books through the editorial and production process, and has assisted with publishing a list of select titles through The Tamarac Press.

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