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The Glory of the Kings, a novel by Dan Close

The Glory of the KIngs, a epic novel of Ethiopia, 1895-1896 and the Battle of Adua under King Menelik III...

The Glory of the KIngs, a epic novel of Ethiopia, 1895-1896 and the Battle of Adua under King Menelik III…

ISBN 978-0-9706620-9-5


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** WINNER OF THE MARIA THOMAS PRIZE FOR FICTION 2014, from Peace Corps Writers **









Cover for Tapping the Center of Things by Mary Jane Dickerson

“How comforting it is to find poems like these can still be written.”
T. Alan Broughton

Mary Jane Dickerson’s collection available now in hardbound edition.

Mary Jane Dickerson’s  Tapping the Center  of Things — poems that move from intimacy to statement to intense emotional truth — from close relationships to the land and seasons in the south, to the small-town of Jericho, Vermont, and the hardiness of New Englanders whose lives were also shaped by their natural world.

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A Year on the Bus, by Dan Close. On sale now!

ISBN:  978-0970662026

In September, Dan joins other Peace Corps writers, with members of Congress and the Press, at a luncheon in the Members Room of the Library of Congress (Thursday, September 22, 2011). During the weekend event, Dan will read from his books, Tales from the Arusi Hills, What The Abenaki Say About Dogs, and A Year on the Bus at the Crystal City Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, headquarters for Peace Corps volunteers returned from Ethiopia, where Dan served in years gone by. The gala weekend celebrates Peace Corps volunteer and writers from all over the country and down through the decades. Congratulations to all!

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Hubert W. Vogelmann's anthology of a life

Easy reading, essays on a life lived close to and in service of the natural world

On Schillhammer Road: the life of a botanist, by Hubert W. Vogelmann

ISBN: 978-0-9706620-3-3

available August 28, 2011