The Carnie Kid Tells All

The Carnie Kid tells all, by Ilan Fisher, The Tamarac Press, 2002. Cover design by Jonathan Draudt from original photo by the author. Pat Goudey O’Brien editor, book designer, and publisher.

The Carnie Kid Tells AllVisit the town of Sharon, Massachusetts, and see its history and people through the eyes of Ilan Fisher, who describes how the landscape of his hometown grew and changed during the latter half of the 20th century. A collection of essays and stories about life in suburban New England told as only this quirky and insightful observer could tell them.

Ilan Fisher grew up in Sharon, Massachusetts, was a businessman, a photographer, videographer, writer, father, husband, and the best friend of Trooper, the dog, and Dylan, a copper rooster Weathervane.

Hardcover with dust jacket.

Available through your local bookseller, or directly from          The Tamarac Press. $24.00 US.

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ISBN: 978-0970662002

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