Publish your book with Tamarac PressYour book.

You’ve worked hard to finish writing it, and now you’re ready to publish.

You can’t wait to hold the bound copy in your hands and to send it out to your readers.

Whether this is your first book or your 100th, you know you have almost limitless options in going from manuscript to the final distribution copy. Which publishing possibilities are right for you?


An Individual Approach to Self-Publishing

The Tamarac Press is your personal self-publishing resource, and a small-press trade publishing house.  We work with each author as an individual to produce, promote and distribute your book in the way that best fits your budget, goals and marketing interests.

When you contact us about your book project, we don’t assign you to a sales representative.  We don’t ask you to pick a ‘service package,’ because there’s no one-size-fits-all program for your book.

We discuss your goals and dreams, and we help you publish your book, whether for trade distribution or “friends and family.”

Publish with Pride

Our self-publishing services ensure your finished copy is a lifetime source of pride.  Publish with confidence, whether you’re an independent creating your own imprint, or you would like to appear under The Tamarac Press label, or you just want a great privately printed book to distribute to your personal network. Our core services include:

  • developmental/structural, line, and copyediting
  • proofreading
  • cover design
  • assistance with promotional material
  • assistance with electronic publishing
  • ISBN service
  • graphical layout
  • production supervision for your independent project


Tamarac Press editorial services

Our PGO Editorial Resource division provides a full range of editing services, from proofing to copy editing, newsletter services, to developmental and structural book editing, and book design.  You get complete consultation on content and structural editing, line editing and the finished look and feel of your book.

Graphic Designer References

Graphic designer referralsWe provide referrals to professional graphic artists who provide cover design and more.

Design services include interior design, front and back cover art, and graphic layout for printing, and supervision of the production process.

Complete Publishing Services

Full publishing services

The Tamarac Press is a publishing house based in Vermont. Complete publishing services are available through our trade book division for authors in any location. Books that pass editorial review may be accepted for editing, design, and production in print or electronic format under The Tamarac Press imprint, in partnership with the author. Our books are available online and through traditional book distribution channels. Marketing guidance is offered for finished books.