8 Colors of Fitness

The 8 Colors of Fitness, by Suzanne Brue, Oakledge Press, 2008.

8 colors of fitness - editorial project from Tamarac PressAn exercise book for the rest of us! Suzanne Brue brings her expertise in understanding personality types and preferences to the field of exercise. Take the four-minute quiz to find out YOUR exercise personality and read exercise success stories from scores of real people who have learned how to work with their likes and preferences to craft exercise and activity programs they can stick with for life.

Past President of the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi), and a specialist in application of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Suzanne Brue (MS, researcher and writer) devised The 8 Colors program based on a decade of research into personality type and its relationship to exercise and activity preferences. She worked with Pat Goudey O’Brien as editor and writing collaborator on The 8 Colors of Fitness, published in 2008 by Oakledge Press. To learn more, visit The 8 Colors web site at www.the8colors.com.

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