What The Abenaki Say About Dogs … and other poems and stories of Lake Champlain

What The Abenaki Say About Dogs … and other poems and stories of Lake Champlain, by Dan Close, The Tamarac Press, 2009. Cover illustration and design by Jenn Salmon.

What the Abenaki say about dogsA book of poems and stories about the history and lore of Lake Champlain, published in 2009, the 400th Anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s arrival on the Sea Between, as the Abenaki called the water that separated what is now Vermont from what is now New York State.

Dan Close is a sometime real estate broker, cab driver, teacher, and now bus driver who makes his home in Underhill, Vermont.

Available through your local bookseller, or order from The Tamarac Press, publish@thetamaracpress.com

ISBN: 978-0970662019

Also buy online at barnesandnoble.com or at What The Abenaki Say About Dogs

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Cover for Tapping the Center of Things by Mary Jane Dickerson

Mary Jane Dickerson’s collection, Tapping the Center  of Things — poems that move from intimacy to statement to intense emotional truth — from close relationships to the land and seasons in the south, to the small town of Jericho, Vermont, and the hardiness of New Englanders whose lives were also shaped by their natural world.

“These poems are stories, well told with clarity
and detail.” — David Budbill.

“I had to pause to let myself enjoy all of
the echoes…” — T. Alan Broughton.

For information or to order the hardbound edition, email: pgo@thetamaracpress.com

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The Unofficial Guide to Beating Stress

The Unofficial Guide to Beating Stress, by Pat Goudey, John Wiley & Sons, 2000.

The Unofficial Guide to Beating StressA look into the causes and remedies for stress in modern life, from an understanding of the function of stress (we wouldn’t respond to changing circumstances in life, whether good or bad, if we didn’t feel challenged to take some action, which is a definition of stress), to simple techniques to hooking our relaxation response when stress needs to be relieved. Tips for avoiding unnecessary stress and for coping with stressful occasions, as well as techniques to keep the body in peak condition to deal with inevitable stresses are included.

From John Wiley & Sons. Available where books  are sold.  And at barnesandnoble.com or Amazon.com

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8 Colors of Fitness

The 8 Colors of Fitness, by Suzanne Brue, Oakledge Press, 2008.

8 colors of fitness - editorial project from Tamarac PressAn exercise book for the rest of us! Suzanne Brue brings her expertise in understanding personality types and preferences to the field of exercise. Take the four-minute quiz to find out YOUR exercise personality and read exercise success stories from scores of real people who have learned how to work with their likes and preferences to craft exercise and activity programs they can stick with for life.

Past President of the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi), and a specialist in application of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Suzanne Brue (MS, researcher and writer) devised The 8 Colors program based on a decade of research into personality type and its relationship to exercise and activity preferences. She worked with Pat Goudey O’Brien as editor and writing collaborator on The 8 Colors of Fitness, published in 2008 by Oakledge Press. To learn more, visit The 8 Colors web site at www.the8colors.com.

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The Official Price Guide to Collecting Books

The Official Price Guide to Collecting Books, by Marie Tedford and Pat Goudey, Random House’s House of Collectibles, 6th Edition, 2008.

Unofficial price guide to collecting booksThe sixth edition of a guide to buying and selling collectible and rare books – Pat  Goudey O’Brien has been writing this guide with her mother, Marie Tedford, since the early 1990s. Marie is a founding member of the Vermont Antiquarian Bookseller’s Association and has been the proprietor of Mountain Reverie Books in Underhill, Vermont, for more than 30 years. The guide includes interviews with booksellers and collectors telling about their areas of specialty along with bibliographic information and current prices for collectible books ranging from accessible and affordable items loved by readers and scholars to rare and highly prized important works and first editions.

Visit Random House’s House of Collectibles for more information.

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